Refinery Schwechat / Austria Greenfield Project
New TGU (Shell License)
Thermal cracker with gas turbine

Project Team Size: 15 internal + 35 external 

Services: Project planning & set-up, Basic-engineering, EPCM-contract negotiating, Project execution, Overall project responsibility, detail-engineering, HAZOP, 3D-model-review, risk management, authority engineering, procurement, schedule & quality management

Personal reference of Tim Busch
employed at OMV M&R GmbH
08/2006 until 07/2010
as Senior Project Manager


Project Manager / Abteilungsleiter Maschinentechnik
Stephan Almasy

“I very much appreciated working together with Tim in the TGU Project team. His cooperation brought some new ideas to the project.Derived from his engineering background Tim can serve with detailed knowledge about engineering workflows, procurement and project processes and is able to manage complex Projects and large teams to deliver high quality project in challenging enviroments.Tim is a very trustable person. I believe he can be a real asset to a company that looks for someone that not only does an excellent job, but also can come with new ideas and mainly to THINK OUT OF THE BOX!”
9 März 2015