Initial Idea

Company founder, Mr. Tim Busch, is certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA-No. 1687) and has been working in the engineering and construction industry since 1998. After graduating from the Technical University of Berlin with a Master in Energy and Process Engineering he worked 8 years in engineering, construction supervision and commissioning before he became a project manager. Mr. Busch worked in the chemical/petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy & power, pipeline construction, and in oil & gas upstream and downstream. He was responsible for onshore and offshore projects.

Regarding a project life-cycle the effort of professional project management is subjected to large variations, however the basis for economically successful projects are provided in the project planning & set-up phase (offer phase). Starting with professional project management pays out right from the beginning of a project.

Especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not drive many projects in parallel, have difficulties in finding professional project managers and keeping them at hand.

Projectmanagers PM was founded to optimize project management costs according to clients’ needs alongside project life-cycles and to concentrate on our core competence, the professional management of complex projects.

Mr. Busch understands project management as an autonomous trade and considers a project manager to be a temporary entrepreneur. For the duration of a project the project manager is responsible for any kind of service or delivery of the project, for every single team member, for project costs, time & quality.

The role of a project manager may be compared to the roll of a conductor of an orchestra:
The conductor has to arrange a precise start of all project resources, he dictates the rhythm, intensity and duration and has to set an end for the tasks for every single team member at the exact right time. As a team leader he is responsible for good communication, mutual respect and a good atmosphere to enhance understanding, perfect information exchange and teamwork.

To perfectly fit into the role of project manager, the project manager knows project management methods (processes, phases and various fields of knowledge, etc.) and every single role in the project team back to front. He is aware of team members’ requirements and preconditions for perfectly matching their roles to guarantee cost and time efficient work package deliveries.
The project manager knows all the tricks, interdependencies and interlocking of all professions and will steer each project resource in an optimal way to circumnavigate waiting times or bottlenecks and maneuver the project exactly to be handed over to the client within the arranged framework of cost, time and quality.

Projectmanagers PM concentrates on project processes and fields of knowledge to evolve the project contents from one phase to the next to provide reliable facilities to pre-estimate costs and benefits of the project.

A pre-condition of successful projects is the acceptance and support of those surrounding the project. Projectmanagers PM analyses your business environment and identifies together with your team all relevant stakeholders. Special attention is paid to the integration of your project processes into your business processes and the interactions between both of these realms to maintain and guarantee an optimal basis for efficient projects. At the points of contact we examine your decision making processes and your hands-on experience to reduce losses due to inefficiency and assure optimal business processes.